Friday, March 22, 2013

Embedded Flash Drive, eMMC and emNAND Storage Applications Market Forecast Impressive Growth

MONTEREY, CA., March 20, 2013 - WebFeet Research, Inc. has released its annual 
report on the Embedded Flash Drives, eMMC and emNAND: 2010-2017 (SS450EFD-2013). 
This is the enhanced edition covering this emerging segment within the semiconductor NAND 
storage market. Embedded Flash Drives (EFD) provide internal storage functions in mobile, 
consumer and some compute applications.

These EFDs are the non-removable Flash storage positioned between Flash cards, found in many of these same applications as SSDs. As the EFD evolves they take on many controller features found in the low end SSDs. 

This EFD report provides an in-depth analysis of the market and applications for internal Flash 
storage sub-systems, including the raw NAND or emNAND (embedded NAND components), the EFDs along with their use characteristics of the Flash component technologies and eMMC. 
emNAND is found in over thirty end applications, which includes nineteen applications that use 

The EFD market revenue growth is expected to reach $15.2B in 2017, which is impressive. In
support of these numbers, EFD unit and revenue growth will be driven heavily by mobile Smart and Feature handsets, Tablets, Portable Media Players, Digital Camcorders, GPS, Digital Radio and others along with the adoption of Flash cache in notebook and desktop PCs. NAND Flash technology: SLC, MLC, and 3-bit per cell will each be used for the design-in for these different applications based on the NAND use characteristics matched to each applications’ usage needs.

All the known EFDs, eMMC, iNAND, LBA NAND to name a few, are profiled in the full report, SS450EFD-2013, 134 pages. In addition, the report is segmented into the definition, development, and market applications of EFD Storage. The next sections focus on the market forecasts by application for EFDs and their respective NAND components, the EFD profiles and a summary of EFDs by storage capacity for revenue, units, ASPs, and MBs. Finally, eMMC, the main subset of EFD, will be forecast by its NAND revenue and units by nineteen applications and by vendor market share.

This report, SS450EFD-2013 is indispensible for any company involved with the Flash 
storage market. It is available through WebFeet Research in electronic and hard copy. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Web-Feet Research releases its Quarterly Solid State Drives (SSD) Markets and Applications Forecast for the Commercial Segment.

Web-Feet Research releases its Quarterly Solid State Drives (SSD) Markets and Applications Forecast for the Commercial Segment.

What are some of the requirements of SSDs in the Commercial Segment and how is SSD adoption in this segment progressing? Find out in this comprehensive report, which also includes total quarterly shipment and revenue data for 2012 along with the analysis of industry growth. Also included are forecast trends to 2017.

MONTEREY, CA., March 18, 2013 – WebFeet Research, Inc. has released its quarterly report on Solid State Drives (SSD) Markets and Applications, (MS300SSD4-2012), with a focus of SSD opportunity in the Commercial Segment. This report covers the commercial platforms of SSDs for industrial/embedded, medical, aerospace/avionics and military applications. The following is a list of topics covered in this quarterly report.
  • Executive Summary
  • SSDs in Commercial Applications
    • Industrial / Embedded Applications
    • Medical Applications
    • Aerospace / Avionics Applications
    • Military Applications
  • SSD Form Factors in the Commercial Space
  • Commercial Platform Market Forecasts
    • Total Commercial Platform Market Opportunity
    • Forecast by Average Capacity and Capacity Range
    • Forecast of Units and Revenue by Form Factors (Modules, 1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5”)
  • Summary of Market Forecast for all Segments (Client, Enterprise, Commercial, Consumer)
  • SSD Shipment Forecast by Interface
  • SSD Pricing forecast (SLC, MLC, eMLC)
  • Quarterly SSD Shipments and Revenue by Form Factor
  • SSD Suppliers
  • List of 32 Figures
  • List of 19 Tables