Monday, April 13, 2015

Solid State Drives (SSD) Company Profiles and SWOT Analysis

MONTEREY, CA., April 13, 2015 – Web-Feet Research, Inc. releases its Solid State Drives (SSD) Company Profiles and SWOT Analysis Report SS350SWT-2015.  The  SSD company profiles and SWOT analysis provides a database profile of 140+ SSD vendors and 25+ controller/firmware companies. 
This publication covers over 60+ notable companies with SWOT analysis along with product summaries and other relevant information positioning these companies with each other. The tool utilizes the excel filter capability to sort on a specific company (s)  and/or by market segment to assist users in company analysis, strategic planning and provide additional  insights on the SSD market.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

WebFeet Research releases its 2015 Solid State Storage (SSS) Forecast for the Commercial/Industrial Markets and Applications

How is SSS technology transforming the Commercial/Industrial segments?  What are the six sub-markets in this Commercial segment? How are their applications using SSS  in terms of form factors, interface, and performance for SSDs as well as Embedded Flash Drives (EFD) and Flash Cards?  

MONTEREY, CA., January 4, 2015 – WebFeet Research, Inc. has analyzed the SSD market from early 2000 tracking this evolving technology for use in the enterprise, client and commercial storage industry segments.  This 2015 report on Solid State Storage (SSS) for the Commercial / Industrial Markets and Applications, (SS375ESSS-2015), has WebFeet Research (WFR) solely concentrating on the commercial / industrial storage market.  

The commercial / industrial segment is a slow changing segment with highly specialized designs that will be employed for long periods compared to the client segment.  Although, this has resulted in lower volumes and slower growth, new opportunities especially in the Internet of Things (IoT) that are being created from emerging and existing applications (automotive, medical, telecommunications, industrial/retail, consumer/connected home, and aerospace/military) that are rapidly transforming this market segment.  

Traditionally, other storage options have been heavily utilized in this segment such as Embedded Flash Drives (eMMC, UFS, iNAND) and Compact Flash, which are used for its lower cost, performance, lower capacity requirements and board level integration for special purpose designs.  SSD adoption rates are now increasing in this segment as SSD prices continue to decline.  This is providing a bright spot for SSD’s particularly SSD modules for their small form factors and performance attributes. 

SSDs in industrial and embedded applications must meet special environmental conditions to operate reliably.  This segment has a wide range of applications covering; agriculture, power, transportation, auto, steel, chemical, oil, coal, and nuclear, to name a few.  In each of these industries, reliable storage is needed for data acquisition, measurements, and control.  Each of these industries have their unique set of environmental requirements. 

Within each of the six commercial sub-markets: Networking/Telecom, Connected Home, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and Avionics/Aerospace/Military the forecast of SSDs, Embedded Flash Drives (EFD), and Flash Cards are quantified for over 40 end-use applications.  This forecast provides a separate breakout for SSDs by form factor including modules and another section for EFDs and Flash Cards by form factor for units and average capacity and revenue. Geographic splits are also produced for the six sub-market segments for the Americas, EMEA, and AsiaPac.

The report, SS375ESSD-2015 is available through Web-Feet Research in electronic spreadsheet format.