Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WebFeet Research finds 2013 NAND Flash Memory Components Market Revenues Improved to $28B

Monterey, CA - April 8, 2014 – After consolidating its annual results of each Flash memory vendor’s quarterly shipments, WebFeet Research found the 2013 Flash memory market to be $30.8 billion, an increase of 10.5% from 2012.  A substantial increase in 2013 revenues came from the NAND Flash market, while the NOR market ($2.75 billion) contracted dramatically from 2012. Samsung was once again the 2013 revenue market leader for all NV Memories and NAND, Micron remained the NOR market leader, and Winbond claims the serial NOR leadership position. This report discusses the impact of the SanDisk – SK Hynix lawsuit on the memory market, how the migration to 3D NAND is progressing, how fast are the emerging NVM growing, and presents two forecasts for serial EEPROM showing the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) in its aggressive scenario.  

WebFeet Research utilizes its Flash Memory Reporting Association to consolidate the reported shipments from the seventeen Flash manufacturers.  Both the Toshiba and SanDisk, Micron and Intel shipments are calculated separately from each other and do not include any portion of the other’s component revenues.  In this consolidation, the Flash memory component shipments are segmented by NOR, serial NOR, MLC NOR, Combo NOR, and by SLC NAND, MLC NAND, eMLC NAND, TLC NAND, and Combo NAND for all capacities: 512Kbit-128Gbits for standalone components and 8Mbit – 64Gbit for the Combo (Flash + xRAM) or MCP devices.    

The 2013 Non Volatile Memory Market Shares by Vendor report, CS700MS-2014, includes market shares by vendor for total Non Volatile Memory, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, serial NOR Flash, total EEPROM, serial EEPROM, parallel EEPROM, OTP ROM (EPROM and Mask ROM), and NVRAM (BBSRAM, NVSRAM, RTC, MRAM, FeRAM, PCM, RRAM and Others).  Annual revenue forecasts are provided from 2012-2019 for the EEPROM, OTP ROM, and NVRAM markets. In addition, the NVSRAM market shares are broken out by vendor for Real Time Clocks (RTC) and NVSRAM from 2008-2013.  This report, CS700MS-2014, is available for $2.5K and for providers of the market share data they can obtain the report with a $500 discount.  WebFeet Research also has forecast the serial EEPROM (conservative and aggressive) and the NVSRAM (BBSRAM/nvSRAM, RTC) from 2011-2019 by density for revenue, units, and ASPs, and for the serial EEPROM by interface type.  Each of these additional forecasts are priced at $500 and come in excel format.