Tuesday, November 19, 2013

embedded Flash MCU Market generates highest share - Internet of Things

embedded Flash MCU Market  generates highest share - Internet of Things
emFlash continues high acceptance in automotive, consumer/medical, and industrial markets

 MONTEREY, CA, November 19, 2013– Web-Feet Research, Inc. has released its annual report on emFlash Memory Markets: 2011-2018, (EFS400FA-2013).  Embedded memory technologies have become the main enabler for Internet of Things (IoT) systems requiring high performance, lowest power consumption, very small physical real estate, as well as mobility.  Specifically, embedded Flash (emFlash) and embedded nonvolatile memories (emNVM) command the highest volume in IoT  applications such as automotive, touch controllers, Smart grids and connected M2M compared to serial EEPROM and serial Flash componentsemFlash is used in diverse markets and is currently integrated in a wide range of semiconductor components, both microcontrollers (4 bit, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit) and DSP.  Only a small but growing portion, of the programmable logic (gate arrays, standard cells and field programmable logic including some SoC) is currently equipped with emFlash.

The emFlash Memory forecast is broken out into 40+ end-use applications, which shows the computer market will rebound with the fastest growth through the forecast period (to 2018) followed by the consumer, communications, transportation and industrial markets.  The consumer market will generate the most emFlash revenue (the dollar amount of Flash embedded in the MCU die) over $2.88 billion by 2018.  Web-Feet forecast the revenue and MB size of the emFlash in these 40+ end-use applications within microcontrollers, DSPs and logic.  This data is also broken out by geographical region and by wafer demand. In addition, over sixty three companies were profiled in terms of their involvement in the emFlash/emNVM market. The emerging NVM technologies like RRAM/CBRAM, eCT and ST-MRAM are discussed in terms of their development for commercial use in emNVM.

This report, EFS400FA-2013 (159 pages), is indispensible for any company involved with emFlash and embedded NVM. It is available through Web-Feet Research in electronic and hard copy. During this month and next, Web-Feet is dropping the price from $6,500 to $4,995 for only reports bought in 2013. 

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