Thursday, December 4, 2014

Web-Feet Research Forecasts IoT to Big Data to 3D in Thirteenth Annual Flash Memory Applications and Markets Report

How will Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and 3D NAND SSDs impact Flash consumption in 2015 and beyond?

MONTEREY, CA., December 3, 2014 – Web-Feet Research, Inc. provides an extensive market segmentation in its thirteenth annual report on Flash Memory Applications and Markets, (CS100FA-2014). This major update provides an integrated memory/storage end-use market segmentation in the consumer, mobile and computing markets and forecasts the NAND and NOR usage in over 170 end-use applications.  Some of the new applications forecast the rise of wearable computing as found in the AppleWatch or Smart Watch, IoT and 3D NAND SSDs. As the NAND technology evolved so did its markets. Beginning with basic media file storage in consumer applications the NAND grew in usage. Mobile storage in Smart phones needs more sophisticated Flash in performing execute-in-place and more reliable storage. Computing requires the utmost performance from the NAND, while SSDs and caching like the ULLtraDIMM gain acceptance as they provide more reliability and the highest performance.  NOR should see a mild rebound with high speed twin-Quad or HyperFlash Serial NOR initiating the connection for the Internet of Things in over 22 billion Intelligent Connected devices in 2019.

In the Flash Memory Applications and Markets forecast, Web-Feet Research provides a density breakout by revenue, units, and Mbits for SLC NAND, 2-bits per cell NAND, 3-bits/cell and enterprise 2-bits/cell NAND, SPI NAND, Combo (MCP) NAND and 3D NAND; NOR, MLC NOR, serial NOR, Combo NOR and serial Combo NOR; and Phase Change Memory.  The forecast period includes 2012 and 2013 historical and 2014-2019 projections.  A special section breaks out the serial NOR by over 30 applications including the major use of quad/plus IO serial NOR components.  In addition, the compute market examines the use of Flash cache, Server-side SSDs and SSDs for the client, commercial, and enterprise end-use markets.  The GB consumption is also forecast by memory/storage end-use market and shows when computing becomes the Flash consumption market share leader.  Finally, the 2013 Flash Market Shares by Vendor is included showing how the players have changed position based on acquisitions and improved pricing to reach $30.9 billion in total Flash and $28.1 billion in NAND. 

The Flash Memory Applications and Markets: 2012-2019 report, CS100FA-2014, (321 pages) is available for purchase from WebFeet Research in electronic and hard copy at $5.95 K.

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